meet your contributors: allison

Hi there.  It’s Allison and I wanted to tell you a little about myself.  Unfortunately this blog is not my day job, so I figure you may want to know what that is.  By day, I work as a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Analyst.  So what does that mean?  I make maps and obsessively manage data.  I enjoy it very much as it requires me to use spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills on a daily basis.

Crafting Interests

All of my favorite crafts revolve around textiles: knitting, sewing, macrame, etc.  There is just something about taking a bolt of fabric or an insanely long string and creating something out of it.  I tend to make wearable items like dresses or hats, but I am trying to branch out into home goods more.

Food Interests

When it comes to food, it all revolves around my sweet tooth.  I can barely cook, but I can bake up a storm.  I love making pastries and cookies especially at the friends’ annual Christmas Cookie Day.  I have recently acquired an ice cream maker and I am completely enthralled.  Seriously, I have made some awesome ice cream with that baby.

And since I am a failure at cooking, I am always on the hunt for local, family-owned restaurants.  I am mostly over chain restaurant food  (although there are exceptions) and relish the opportunity to find a great hole-in-the-wall joints.  I hope to introduce you to some of my favorite restaurants as well.


I think goals are important when one takes on a large project like committing to creating and sustaining a blog.  My personal goal in this endeavor is to loosen up my writing style.  Over the course of my career, I have written numerous guides and instruction manuals.  And to be honest, it shows.  I feel like I have lost that creative spark in my writing and I really hope to regain a piece of it through this exercise.

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