this happens sometimes

Today I received a package in the mail containing an impulse buy.  Yeah, you read that correctly, I impulse bought 20 succulent plants.  I really enjoy succulents and I find that the local selection leaves a person wanting for more.  So I took my search etsy and I was able to find these beauties.   After browsing through many succulent merchants, I ultimately chose Succulent Jewels because they offered the most cost effective, fully rooted succulents when factoring in shipping to Pittsburgh.  I have had issues buying succulent cuttings (for a gift no less) from different etsy sellers before, so I prefer to buy rooted plants.

I placed my order with Succulent Jewels on June 1st and received the parcel on June 4th.  Considering that the package originated in Fallbrook, California, I was extremely pleased with the shipping speed.  The box was tightly packed to prevent shifting using newspaper, a garbage bag, and packing peanuts.  The plants were lovingly placed inside the garbage bag to prevent dirt from getting everywhere.  You can see that the plants have a dusting of dirt on them, but that’s just the nature of cross-country shipping.  Overall, I would 100% recommend purchasing your succulents from Succulent Jewels.

I’m going to let these plants mature a bit and then I have plans for them, great plans.  Keep checking back to see why anyone would impulse buy 20 succulents.


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  1. Pinnatifid says:

    I support this purchase! Love succulents & they look great all together!


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