featured artist: dm wooden flowers and vases

The Three Rivers Arts Festival in Pittsburgh came to a close last Sunday.  Over the course of the festival, we clearly took a lot of pictures there for the blog, some that we would like to share with you today.  While there, Tara and I had the pleasure of meeting Michael Miller, one half of the DM Wooden Flowers and Vases team.  The other half is formed by his lovely wife Dee.  DM Wood Art traveled all the way from Saline, Michigan to join in the festival for the sixth year in a row!

Dee and Michael met as impressionable young adults at Eastern Michigan University located in Ypsilanti (don’t ask me to pronounce that), Michigan.  Combining Michael’s woodworking talent, which he has been honing since his preteen years, with Dee’s eye for design and color, a fated match was made.  They have been making fine vases and flowers out of wood since 1998.  They started with only six designs and have since expanded to upwards of 26 different flower varieties.

Amazing arrangement!

I personally would like to point out the gladiola in the vase picture.  It is absolutely exquisite to anyone who is familiar with these flowers.  Seriously, do you see that?  This impressive wooden sculpture takes into consideration the natural blooming patterns of gladiolas.  Full open flowers at the bottom, just opening blooms in the middle, and topped off with buds.  Not only is it beautiful, this is an accurate depiction of a blooming gladiola.  There is just something so astounding about the dedication and adherence to the nature’s designs.  Fantastic!


I cannot look at these incredible arrangements and not think of bouquets.  They would be absolutely beautiful for a bride and have the advantage of being a keepsake of the day.  Michael and Dee’s work would also serve as a gift for an anniversary or a birthday.

If you were not fortunate enough to visit Michael and Dee at the Three Rivers Arts Festival this year, Michael and Dee’s floral and vase designs are available for sale on their website.

Until next time,



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