Tara and I have been using the concept of “same flavor” for years.  And I’m sure you’re wondering what same flavor means to us.  When you share similar ideas, thoughts, and style, you have found your same flavor bitch.  We have been same flavor bitches and best friends for 20 years.  Our greatest ideas are always formed when we work together and collaborate.  We have different strengths that we use to elevate our projects to the next level.

After bouncing hundreds of plans back and forth over the years, we felt that it was time to finally document and share our interests with the world.  We want to bring you quality blog posts about baking, crafts, lifestyle, party tips, and coverage of local events in our home of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Join us and see if you’re a same flavor bitch too!


knit the bridge-002
Our panel from Knit the Bridge June 2013